About Us

Urban Bar have been designing market leading bar and glassware for the hospitality and drinks industry for almost 40 years.

We have been developing products for almost forty years and continue to develop and learn new techniques; this enables-us to produce cutting edge items to keep pace with the evolution of mixology and drinking culture. Whilst at the same time we are striving to bring the skills of the past back into the future.

We don’t release an item if we are not entirely confident in its design, functionality, quality and proud enough to allow it to carry our name.

We have developed this attention to detail and passion in our products through seeing how they are used and the energy and devotion put into the creation of a drink or the release of a new spirit.

Online Sales

A selection of Urban Bar barware in colour gift boxes

Urban Bar have teamed up with Proof & Company to offer our range of premium glassware and barware to the Singaporean market. Including our most popular items, the Urban Bar Singapore shop allows you to have luxury mixology equipment delivered direct to your door.

Hospitality Supply

Premium glassware and barware used by the bar staff of L'Oscar, London

Supplying the world’s leading hotels and bars with our own glass and barware also developing new items to complement the establishment. To use Urban Bar glassware and barware in your venue, contact us about your trade supply options.

B2B Bespoke Development and Production

Branded cocktail shaker tins showing a variety of finishes available from Urban Bar

We work with the world’s leading spirits and drinks brands to develop glass and barware to suit their brand characteristics, decoration requirements, budget, route to market, ultimate use, etc. We have been working with the drinks industry for almost 40 years and have accumulated a great deal of skill and experience in hand-made and automatic glassware, design, production and decoration. We offer a complete design service from concept to production.

Contact us today to discover our full range of premium glassware and barware.